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Our Good Mision

To empower Africa, one pre-owned garment at a time. Join us today!


Good Giver

Donate to GoodStill and witness your pre-loved clothe blossom into powerful tools for entrepreneurial dreams, vibrant community upliftment, and a planet finally able to breathe freely. Every donation will earn you a GOOD-Point redeemable at our partner merchants.


Good Business

Join GoodStill, where your dreams are nurtured with curated clothing, empowering skills, and a supportive community. Step into the spotlight, not just as a fashion proprietor, but as a changemaker. Become a GOOD-Entrepreneur


Good Learner

Upskill & Empower: Build Your Confidence & Make a Difference as a GoodStill Entrepreneur. Embark on your sustainable fashion journey with GoodStill. Hone your skills, nurture your confidence, and watch your dreams blossom into a thriving second-hand business. 


Good Champion

Join GoodStill’s vibrant tapestry – empower communities, champion sustainable fashion, and heal the planet. Donate clothes, give financially, or wear our message with pride – every thread of your support strengthens our movement for a brighter future.

Step 1.

Collection with a Conscience:

- Your Generosity Starts Here: Donate your pre-owned clothes through convenient drop-off boxes, collection drives, or partner organizations. Remember, quality matters - clothes that are still wearable and stylish have the best chance of thriving in their second chapter.

- Sorting & Selection: Our dedicated team sorts through each garment with meticulous care, categorizing them based on style, condition, and market trends. This ensures a perfect match between the clothes and the aspiring entrepreneurs' needs.

- Quality Check & Care: Each piece receives a thorough quality check and gentle touch-up if needed. Mending, cleaning, and ironing ensure your donated clothes arrive looking their best, ready to impress and inspire.

Step 2.

Resources preparing for the post-launch.

- Matching Potential & Passion: We carefully curate batches of clothes that align with the aspirations and target markets of each entrepreneur. Consider it a tailor-made collection, crafted to maximize success and fuel individual entrepreneurial visions.

- Sharing Stories & Skills: Alongside the clothes, we provide training tools and resources to equip entrepreneurs with business fundamentals, marketing strategies, and customer service skills. Confidence-building workshops and mentorship programs further nurture their potential.

- Launchpad with Purpose: With a curated batch of GoodStill clothes, essential skills, and a supportive network, each entrepreneur is ready to launch their second-hand fashion business, turning pre-loved treasures into thriving ventures.

Step 3.

Empowered Entrepreneurs, Flourishing Communities:

- With your clothes as their launchpad, GOOD-Entrepreneurs create sustainable jobs, promote responsible consumption, and build vibrant local economies. Each thriving business tells a story of empowerment, environmental awareness, and a community united by purpose.

- Fashion with a Conscience, Planet Breathing Easier: By extending the lifespan of garments, GoodStill reduces textile waste and minimizes the fashion industry's environmental footprint. Your clothes get a second life, and the planet gets a chance to breathe a little easier.

- The Ripple Effect of Generosity: Your single act of donation creates a ripple effect of positive change. You empower individuals, revitalize communities, and contribute to a more sustainable future, all thanks to the clothes you shared.

Our good Vision

Extending Fabric lifespan.

Fashion & The Environment

Reclamation & Renewal:

We intercept mountains of clothes destined for landfills, giving them a lifeline through convenient donation options. From drop-off boxes to community drives, every pre-loved garment saved is a victory for the Earth.

Circularity & Consciousness:

We don't just donate clothes; we match them with purpose. Each entrepreneur receives a curated batch tailored to their style and market, maximizing reuse and minimizing unnecessary production.

Ripple Effect & a Greener Future:

By extending garment lifespans and promoting responsible purchasing, we close the loop on the textile industry's linear model, minimizing waste and resource depletion. The gap between fashion and eco-friendliness starts to shrink.

Become A Good Merchant

Empower communities, amplify your eco-conscious message, and engage loyal customers by accepting GOOD-Points as a badge of sustainable support for GoodStill.

Accepting GOOD-Points is a strategic move that benefits both your brand and GoodStill’s mission. It aligns with consumer values, strengthens customer relationships, and provides a tangible way to showcase your commitment to social responsibility and sustainable practices.

Empowering Communities: 

By accepting GOOD-Points, brands directly contribute to GoodStill’s mission of empowering marginalised communities through sustainable fashion entrepreneurship. This aligns with growing consumer demand for brands that support social responsibility and environmental action.

Amplifying Your Eco-Conscious Message: 

Accepting GOOD-Points showcases your commitment to sustainability in a tangible way. It demonstrates that your brand goes beyond token gestures and actively supports initiatives that reduce the fashion industry’s environmental footprint. This resonates with increasingly eco-conscious consumers who seek meaningful connections with brands that share their values.

Engaging Loyal Customers: 

Offering GOOD-Points as a payment option provides a unique incentive for your customers. It rewards their sustainable choices and builds loyalty by allowing them to directly contribute to a cause they care about while purchasing from your brand. This fosters a sense of community and shared purpose, strengthening customer relationships.

Marketing Advantage:

Accepting GOOD-Points can differentiate your brand in a crowded market. It attracts new customers who align with your values and provides existing customers with a compelling reason to choose you over your competitors. This marketing advantage can translate to increased sales and brand awareness.

Boosting Employee Morale:

Supporting GoodStill allows your employees to feel good about where their company’s values lie. Seeing the impact of their efforts through initiatives like GOOD-Points can increase employee morale and engagement, fostering a more positive and productive work environment.

Ready to weave goodness into your purchases? Check out these fantastic merchants who proudly accept GoodPoints, fueling sustainable fashion and empowered communities with every purchase.


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