Welcome to GoodStill: Where Clothes Get a Second Life, Communities Blossom, and Earth Breathes Easy

Imagine a world where your pre-loved wardrobe isn’t destined for the landfill, but reborn as the launchpad for an aspiring entrepreneur’s dream. Where gentle threads don’t just weave stylish outfits, but also a tapestry of empowered communities and a planet finally able to breathe freely. This is the GoodStill revolution, and you’re invited to join the movement.

The Problem We Face: The fashion industry casts a long shadow. It churns out mountains of garments, each leaving a hefty carbon footprint in its wake – 10% of global annual emissions and projected to grow by 50% by 2030. These clothes then often end up in landfills, poisoning our environment and wasting precious resources. But what if there was another way? A way to give clothes a second life, empower individuals, and heal the planet in the process?

That’s where GoodStill comes in. We are not just a second-hand clothing platform; we are a catalyst for change. We collect your gently used garments, curate them with care, and equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools and training they need to launch their own thriving second-hand fashion businesses.

Your Clothes, Their Launchpad: Every piece you donate carries the potential for a new beginning. We meticulously sort and categorize your clothes, ensuring each garment lands in the perfect batch for an entrepreneur with a matching vision. Imagine your vintage dress inspiring a budding young designer, your classic jacket empowering a single mother to build a brighter future for her family.

Empowering Communities, One Stitch at a Time: GoodStill isn’t just about clothes; it’s about people. We believe in the power of entrepreneurship to lift individuals and communities. By providing skills training, mentorship, and access to curated clothing, we equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the confidence and tools they need to turn their dreams into reality.

Weaving a Sustainable Future: Every pre-loved garment that finds a new home through GoodStill is one less garment contributing to the fashion industry’s environmental burden. It means extending lifespans, reducing reliance on new production, and minimizing textile waste. It’s a small step for your wardrobe, but a giant leap for a healthier planet.

Join the GoodStill Movement: Your clothes have a story to tell – a story of resilience, style, and the potential for change. Donate them to GoodStill, and watch them blossom into tools for empowerment, economic independence, and environmental responsibility.

  • Donate your clothes: Give your wardrobe a purposeful second chapter.
  • Support our entrepreneurs: Shop their unique collections and amplify their voices.
  • Spread the word: Share the GoodStill message and inspire others to join the movement.

Together, we can rewrite the narrative of fashion. We can build a future where style thrives alongside sustainability, communities flourish, and the Earth finally gets a chance to breathe easy. Welcome to GoodStill – where your clothes are more than just fabric; they are threads of hope woven into a brighter future for all.

Building a Brighter Future For People & The Planet.

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